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栗谷かずよ (Kazuyo Kuriya)  

武蔵野音楽大学器楽学科フルート専攻卒業。演奏家として活動の後、奨学生としてBerklee College of Music(米ボストン)に入学。在学中よりセッションプレーヤー、レコーディング・アーティストとして実績を積む。2010年、同大学ジャズ作曲学科を卒業、Toshiko Akiyoshi Award 他を受賞。その後ニューヨークへ移住。Kazuyo Kuriya (栗谷かずよ)名義にて、Blue Note New York やCarnegie Hall他で演奏、編曲が初演される他、LIGHTNING RETURNS : FINAL FANTASY XIII他、数々の作品にフルート奏者として参加。自身の作品「Green Tree House」が世界5カ国で初演される等作曲家としての活動の幅を広げている他、全米フルート協会から委嘱を受ける等、編曲活動も盛んである。これまでに、Marcos Valle, Cesar Camargo Mariano他と共演。2011年、全オリジナル曲を収録したKazuyo Kuriya Quartetアルバム『Impressions』をリリース。 

現在は日本を拠点に、広告音楽制作など作編曲家として活動中。委嘱作品の依頼も数多く、CM音楽制作等も含め、クラシックからポップスまで幅広いジャンルを手がける。2016年よりシンガーソングライター「KAJU」としてデビュー。2019年1月1日、国内外で活躍のミュージシャンを起用した話題作、1st EP『 SING』をリリース。先行リリース曲「繋がってるよ」ミュージックビデオも公開中。

※バイオグラフィー (2012〜2014年) (2009〜2011年)

Kazuyo Kuriya is a flutist, composer and arranger from Japan, currently based in Tokyo, Japan.  She graduated from the Musashino Academia Musicae with a major in Classical Flute Performance and the Berklee College of Music with a major in Jazz Composition, winning the Toshiko Akiyoshi Award in Jazz Composition in 2010. Kazuyo has appeared in numerous leading concert halls, such as Weill Recital Hall, Carnegie Hall, at the Blue Note in New York, and at the Montreal International Jazz Festival. She records and tours with Women of the World and the Kazuyo Kuriya Quartet. She has performed with the World Flutes Ensemble at two National Flute Association (USA) Conventions, where she has also presented workshops in World Music and Jazz improvisation. She has received numerous commissions, notably by the National Flute Association in 2011.

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Flautist/Composer/Arranger, Kazuyo Kuriya, started playing the piano at the age of four and in junior high school started playing the flute as a member of her school’s wind orchestra band. She studied the flute with a local university professor, Kuniko Yamaguchi, until she graduated high school.

After graduating from Kyushu Jyogakuin High School (Kumamoto, Japan), she enrolled  in Musashino Academia Musicae (Tokyo, Japan) and began studying under Professor Takao Saeki. At this time, her musical career in Japan unfolded as she was selected to be a member of the Musasino Academia Musicae Symphony Orchestra.

After she acquired her BM in Western classical performance from Musashino Academica Musicae, she continued to pursue other styles of music by studying with various well-known musicians in Japan. She participated in numerous master classes with renowned flautists such as Emmanuel Pahud (principle flautist, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra), Davide Formisano(principle flautist, Milano), Takashi Shirao (Musasino Acadimia Musicae).

In January 2007, she enrolled in Berklee College of Music (Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A) with a scholarship from the Asia World Scholarship Tour.  At Berklee she studies jazz composition, arranging and performance.

She was a member of the Berklee Concert Jazz Orchestra (Directed by Greg Hopkins), which performed with Maria Schneider (November, 2007) and McCoy Tyner in July, 2008 at the Montreal International Jazz Festival.

She has performed with Brazilian composer, arranger and producer, Cesar Camargo Mariano who has praised her work in performance.

She and her performing group, Ceu do Brasil (January 2009) and Kazuyo Kuriya Quintet (July, 2010/August, 2011/August, 2012) had a successful tour in Japan.

She graduated Berklee College of Music major in Jazz Composition with Toshiko Akiyoshi Award, 2010. Also, she was selected as a Jazz Revelation Records 2010 Artist.

She performed at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, New York, NY, as a member of Women of the World.  She had a commissioned by National Flute AssociationFlute Big Band (Directed by Ali Ryerson), 2011. Also she is working with Boston World Flute Ensemble (Directed by Wendy Rolfe) as a flautist and composer/arranger.

Some musicians with whom she has performed include:

Cesar Camargo Mariano, Marcos Valle, Keita Ogawa, Mika Stoltzman, Poland Krakow State Philharmony, Vega String Quartet, William Ransom, Eddie Gomez, and Kazumi Watanabe .

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